Nova Independent Resources Limited is a leader in providing renewable and alternate energy solutions for home and industry throughout western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. We have been serving customers for over 30 years! Our main office is located in the vibrant city of Kelowna, set in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. We are a regional resource for renewable energy solutions, providing turn-key off-grid electric systems for any application. We offer complete site and load analysis for everything from RV’s to mountain top repeater stations. We also provide solar grid-tied systems. We perform installation, maintenance and repair services on demand through our own service team or through select subcontractors.

Nova values our external and internal customer relationships above all else.  We excited at the opportunity to provide resources for you to learn what products are best suited to your application so you can get the best return on your investment.

In support of increasing environmental awareness across British Columbia and our desire to promote the use and development of renewable energy resources and technology, we sell solar, wind, and micro-hydro power equipment, systems and supporting components. This includes solar panels, wind turbines, micro-hydro electric generators, inverters and batteries. We also sell composters, composting toilets and supplies to meet the needs of our customers, as well as efficient lighting and heating devices on demand.

History of Nova

Nova Independent Resources began as a home based business in the early 1980’s as Nova Solar Systems. This family business was born from a desire to provide the Okanagan Valley with solar electric and hot water systems with special interest in solar power for remote cabins and homes.  Nova quickly grew as perceptions changed.  In the 1980’s, conversion of solar power to electricity was largely seen as science fiction!  Eventually the technology advanced and more options emerged for commercial and residential applications, however the cost was highly prohibitive – being 10 to 15 times higher than the prices we see today.  Thankfully there were early adopters who saw and appreciated the potential of solar.

Soon it became a well known fact that power could be harvested wherever there was sunlight – even at the heights of a summit where a radio repeater station would sit!  Thereafter, the demand for solar systems skyrocketed.  Solar systems were designed, assembled and often tested at the home of founder, Harold Lunner, until a warehouse was acquired to meet the demands of the growing operation.  In the early 1990’s the business structure was changed and Nova Independent Resources was registered as a limited liability company.  As the business flourished, the physical location for the office and warehouse shifted from place to place, and the heart driven desire to see the success of solar and other renewable energy options multiplied.  The broad operation that included Solar Hot Water and Solar Electricity was sharpened, and focused shifted to the three main renewable energy sources (Sunlight, Wind, and Water).  The Solar Hot Water operation was thereafter retired; a vital shift needed to support the growing solar electricity market.  The core business values however remained the same.

Today there are many companies involved in the renewable energy industry, and many local solar companies popping up then going out of business across the Okanagan Region.  Nova was and still is a consistent leader in the Off-Grid and Grid Tied market, providing customized and appropriate solutions for the widest range of applications.  If you are searching for renewable energy solutions, and support for your remote or off-grid operation, you’ve come to the right place!

Today and always, you can expect to experience our honest desire to find the best solution for your application.  Fairness, goodwill and honesty are crucial elements that will remain at the core of our operation.