Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system allows you to have a fully independent power source.


We all want to do what’s best for the environment, especially if it means saving money. One of the best ways to accomplish both is by installing a solar panel system on your property. The two most common types of solar systems for a home are off-grid and grid-tied.

What is the Difference?

Solar power is energy generated by absorbing the sun’s UV rays and converting them to power. Both use panels to collect the UV rays, whether you use a grid-tied solar or an off-grid solar system. The main differences lie within the way energy is stored. In a grid-tied system, you integrate into the city’s grid, and the energy stored is for anyone connected to the same grid. Whereas, with an off-grid solar system, the solar panels collect energy, transfer it to an inverter, and from the inverter is used to power the building or home. This system allows the homeowner to store unused energy inside the batteries to use later. Additionally, with an off-grid system, you are fully independent.

Be Green

By switching to a home solar system, you minimize your carbon footprint as you no longer need to use fossil fuels to power your home. Solar energy is both renewable and sustainable. 

Save Yourself Money

Although the initial cost of an off-grid system can be pricey, going with an off-grid solar system can eliminate your electricity bill, which can provide massive savings. If you are installing an off-grid instead of a grid-tied, the installation cost can be minimal as you can do it yourself. However, contacting a professional solar company is highly recommended. 

There are many benefits to switching to solar energy other than contributing to a more sustainable future. With off-grid solar systems, you can avoid power outages; because there will be stored energy in your batteries. The benefit is that since you are independent of the network grid, you will not have to share with others. The power stored is for your home only. An off-grid system is particularly beneficial in rural areas because of fewer city grids to connect solar panels. 

For those outdoor enthusiasts, solar panels for your RV are a great option. It will come in handy when camping in areas that don’t have full hookups. 


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