Grid-Tied Solar Power. Why It’s A Great Option.

Save money and the planet by tying into the power grid with solar panels.

As the population grows, there is a continued strain on the environment. Therefore, there is a need for positive change. As a result, there has been an increase in homeowners installing solar panels. With the advancement of technology, new types of solar panels for homes have been invented -such as a grid-tied solar system. There are many benefits of homeowners using this solar system to power their homes, including positive environmental impact and cost savings. 

A grid-tied system has the installed solar panels linked directly to the utility power grid, and during the daylight hours, the solar panels absorb the sun and then export to the grid. Once in the grid, it is stored to be used when power is required. From a cost-savings perspective, this solar power does not use a battery – lowering the initial investment. In addition to installing grid-tied solar panels, it also increases the value of a home. For a return on investment, in some cases, utility companies will buy electricity from homeowners with a grid-tied system to be used as a power source in neighbourhoods. 

Cutting costs is essential as a homeowner, which is one of the significant benefits of using solar power. On top of the cost-savings, using renewable energy is the most beneficial to the environment. Conventional fuel systems such as oil and gas are harmful to the planet, leading to higher costs to reverse it, ultimately being paid for by taxpayers. One medium-sized solar system can save the earth from up to 6000 pounds of carbon dioxide absorption. 

Being knowledgeable on the various types of solar systems for homes is the first step to being part of environmental change while saving money. Nova Independent Resources Limited has served the Okanagan for over 30 years. Being a leader in providing renewable energy to our community, you can trust Nova to walk through the best options for your home.

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