Solar Panels Make Winter Cabins Enjoyable

home solar kit for your cozy winter cabin getaway

You don’t have to close up your cabin for the winter. Install a home solar kit and take off on a cozy winter cabin getaway.


Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, we all like to get outdoors once in a while. For many, they frequently enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and, for that reason, own a cabin. Cabins are an excellent getaway place in the summer, but what about the cold, snowy winter months? The truth is, a cabin can be just as enjoyable in the winter as in the summer months. 

The accessibility of comfort has improved since the invention of solar panels, especially for those winter wonderland cabin adventures. Don’t let winter discourage you from getting to your off-grid life. Remember, solar panels are charged from the sun’s light, not the heat. By adding a solar panel system, you get clean, efficient energy all year.

What About Snow Cover?

A home solar system is installed at an angle and facing the sun, making it easier for snow to slide off. Additionally, the panels are dark in colour, which attracts the sun, leading to the melting of the snow. You can also easily utilize some gentle snow removal tools if snow piles up.

Fewer Daylight Hours

Having fewer daylight hours is a concern for many; however, although less sunlight is absorbed and stored, solar panels produce close to the same amount of energy. This is because the hot weather causes the panels to work overtime to ensure they don’t overheat (kind of like our cars). So in the cold months, they become more efficient, leading to the leveling out of energy between the summer and winter months. 

If you have an off-grid, rural cabin where no service is available, having an off-grid power system is ideal. Not only can you have free energy, but it also reduces the wear on the generator you may be using. If your cabin isn’t well insulated or goes for long periods without visitors, it can be at risk during the frigid months. Your cottage is better equipped to handle freezing temperatures with an off-grid solar system

If you are ready to enjoy your cabin all year, contact us or a solar company near you to look at having a solar kit installed.


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