Compost Sure – Compost Sure comes in an 8 gallon (30L) bag and is available in two varieties. Compost Sure has been designed specifically for Sun-Mar’s composting toilet systems. Compost Sure is composed of hemp and peat moss which will decompose quickly.

Use: Add your bulking material at a rate of 1 cup per bowel movement. Alternatively, it can be added at the rate of one cup per person per day.

Compost Sure Green – Compost Sure Green is the ideal bulking material for your Sun-Mar waterless toilet. The mix of coarse peat moss and chopped hemp stalk is specially formulated to hold oxygen and moisture in the compost ensuring maximum aeration while keeping the compost well supplied with carbon.

Compost Sure Blue – Compost Sure Blue is a bulking material designed specifically for use with Sun-Mar’s ultra-low-flush Centrex systems. Composed of chopped hemp stalk, this bulking material will enrich compost with organic carbon while providing drainage of excess liquid to ensure the compost remains aerobic and odor-free.

The price of $69 for the Compost Sure is for 3 pieces (8 gallon x 3 = 24 gallon)

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